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About Falcom Media

FALCOM is an independent distribution and production company that focuses on the distribution of theatrical films in Germany, Austria and the German speaking part of Switzerland and the production and co-production of German as well as international films. The main objective of FALCOM is to acquire, produce, co-produce, and distribute high-grade movies that are entertaining, zeitgeisty, and enthuse a wide audience. FALCOM was established in the year 2000 by the managing director Andreas Fallscheer and has since been able to attract millions of film fans.

The team

Andreas Fallscheer Andreas Fallscheer (Managing Director)
As the founder of Highlight Communications AG and long standing CEO, Andreas Fallscheer played a major role in the growth of Highlight and its expansion. Highlight became one of the leading license-trading and distribution companies in the German-speaking region. In late 2000 Andreas Fallscheer founded FALCOM MEDIA, a film production and distribution company, where he can now devote more time to acquiring, producing and distributing films.
E-Mail: info[✉]falcom.ch
Marc-Daniel Dichant Marc-Daniel Dichant (Development, Financing & Production)
Marc-Daniel runs development, financing and production of own feature film projects and co-productions at FALCOM MEDIA. Before working with FALCOM as an independent film producer he produced, amongst others, with SCHMIDTz KATZE FILMKOLLEKTIV the international feature films SIMON AND THE OAKS and the Oscar-nominated IN DARKNESS by director Agnieszka Holland. Marc-Daniel studied theatre and cinema sciences at Bochum University and attended the German Film- and Television Academy Berlin.
E-Mail: marc[✉]falcom.ch